About the topic

Beauty has been the key concept in aesthetics since Antiquity. The debate as to whether beauty is in the eyes of the beholder or in objects themselves is still going on. In philosophical aesthetics, there has been times during which problems of beauty have played only a minor role, but more recently the discussion has become lively again. In this conference of the Nordic Society of Aesthetics, we encourage scholars to take both traditional and radical perspectives into the problem of beauty. Issues to be covered are, for example, the following:

• Has beauty become obsolete?
• Is there a place for beauty in the arts?
• Does beauty change?
• Beauty as an aesthetic value and in relation to other values
• Beauty and politics
• Digitalization and beauty
• Gendered beauty
• Beauty in fashion and appearances
• Environmental problems and beauty

There are two rooms where the presentations will be held: I Tetra & II Skiftnyckel

Monday 27th May

12:00-13:00      Registration

13:00-13:15     Welcome: Arto Haapala

13:15-14:15      Keynote: Reinold Schmücker: Beauty – no place, nowhere?

14:15-14:45      Break

14:45-15:15      I Oiva Kuisma: Beauty as a Principle of Learning and Self-Education in Plato

II Martta Heikkilä: The Unpresentable Beauty

15:15-15:45      I Elisabetta Di Stefano: The Aesthetics of Ordinary Objects between Beauty and Functionality

II Matilde Carrasco-Barranco: Laughing at ugly people: On humour as the antitheses of human beauty

15:45-16:15      I Hanna Mattila: How to Utilize Aesthetics in Urban Revitalization Without Falling Into the Traps of Aestheticization?

                             II Virve Sarapik: Beauty of the fear: The White Ship and World War III

16:15-16:30      Break

16:30-17:00      I Michaela Pašteková, Jozef Kovalčik: Where Beauty and Art Practice Collide

                             II Tingwen Li: A Cognitivist Account of Beauty in Forgery Artworks

17:00-17:30      I Matti Tainio: Too Much Beauty. The Aesthetic Quality of Photographic Documentation

                            II Iida Kukkonen, Outi Sarpila, Tero Pajunen & Erica Åberg: Applying the concepts of aesthetic capital and labour in the study of beauty as a source of inequality

18:00 Bus transport from Hanaholmen to Aalto University

18:30-19:15      Aalto University campus tour

19:15-21:00     Reception at Aalto University (Dipoli)

Tuesday 28th May

9:00-9:30           I Janne Vanhanen: Beautiful Noise? On the painful pleasure of music

                             II Harry Lehmann: Is There a Place of Beauty in the Arts?

9:30-10:00        I Hanne Appelqvist: Hanslick on the Purposiveness of Musical Form

                             II Zoltan Somhegyi: Beauty, Environment, and the Changes in Man-made Sublime

10:00-10:30      I Małgorzata A. Szyszkowska: Beauty in Music: A Singing Perspective

                             II Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir: Beauty and Landscape in Environmental Decision Making

10:30-10:45      Break

10:45-11:15      I Kimmo Sarje: Beauty and Deconstruction – Ornament in my Montage Art

                             II Vesa Vihanninjoki: Cities are not supposed to be beautiful

11:15-11:45      I Mats Dahllöv: Beauty and the Absolute in Benjamin Höijer´s Philosophy of Art

                             II Lenka Lee: New Beauty: Between Hipsters and Folklore

11:45-12:15      I Davide Dal Sasso: Beauty and Contemporary Art

                             II Harri Mäcklin: Immersive Beauty

12:15-13:15      Lunch

13:15-14:15      Keynote: Sabine Roeser: The Role of Art for Emotional-Moral Reflection on Risky and Controversial Technologies

14:15-14:45      I Sue Spaid: The Aesthetic Enchantment Approach: Gauging Nature’s Wellbeing to Reverse Degradation

                            II Gabriela Kurylewicz: It is Worthless Without Beauty: Plato’s Philosophy of Music

14:45-15:15      I Cecilia Sjöholm: Love as a “physicien”; Descartes on beauty and the gaze

II Riikka Latva-Somppi: Traces from the Anthropocene

15:15-15:45      Coffee

15:45-16:45      Panel: Hege Charlotte Faber, Solveig Bøe, Brit Strandhagen: The Beauty of the Beast: Aesthetics of the Wild

16:45:17:30      Finnish Society for Aesthetics Session

17:30-18:30      Annual General Meeting

19:00                  Conference dinner

Wednesday 29th May

10:00-10:30      I Peter Brezňan: Beauty as Element of Dominance and Subordination

                             II Xiao Ouyang: Beauty and Its Cross-cultural Predicament

10:30-11:00      I Constantinos V. Proimos: Beauty and the Beast. The Dark Side of Love

                             II Rina Sugawara: (Un)like Beauty: The Cute-Uncanny Aesthetic in My Neighbor Totoro

11:00-11:30      I Sarka Lojdova: Beauty after the End of Art: Sedivy and Danto

II Václav Křížek: The Return of Beauty – About the relationship of memory and aesthetic experience   

11:30-11:45      Break    

11:45-12:45     Panel: Knut-Ove Eliassen, Carsten Meiner, Christopher Messelt: Beauty and the Beach


12:45-13:45 Lunch